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Mrs. Carter Has Dementia

This week, we received notice from The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers, Inc. that Mrs. Carter has been diagnosed with dementia. This announcement saddens me on many levels. I've shared before that my mother had a form of dementia and ultimately passed from it. To hear that Mrs. Carter also has it, refreshes that sadness for me and now also for the Carters.


I've always had a sense of endearment for both President Carter and Mrs. Carter. I love her strong southern drawl and I found them adorable as a couple. Politics aside, they seemed "normal" to me. You know, kind human beings, regular ol' country folks. The kind of people that would be picking through the field peas in a barrel at the farmers market right beside my Grandma in Columbus, Georgia. Chatting it up with her and pointing out where a better selection of peas might be in the market. Never treating her any differently based on her race, especially in south Georgia.


Mrs. Carter advocated for caregivers long before caregiving was recognized and respected for the difficult job that it is. She helped to educate the world on the challenges caregivers face in the role of caregiving. Believe me, there are many. She brought light to these unsung heroes. We should all be grateful.


I wish the Carter family well. I know the dementia journey can be long, sad, and scary. However, for the Carter family, I doubt if it will be lonely. These two have shared their strong faith, love of God, and commitment to each other. I'm sure, there is an outpouring of community, love, and prayers headed their way.

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