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Hey there! I'm Mari.

I'd bet, that if you're on this website, 
we have a whole lot in common!

Let's See, You're Either 

1. Career Focused

2. a Mom

3. Aspiring Entrepreneur

4. Daughter

5. Business Owner

6. Caregiver

7. Auntie

8. Contemplating Your Next Move

9. Friend

10. Wife

11. Magician (or at least people think you are)

12. or All of the Above

Whew. I bet you're thinking,"How did she know?" I know, because I'm right here with you. I wrangle family, work, decisions, responsibilities, dreams, and emotions every day.  All of which can be fulfilling, but can also be scary, exhausting, and isolating. Which brings us to No Ma'am Nation!


I created No Ma'am for women just like "us".  Women who are 40 and up, but not quite ready to be called “Ma’am”. Women who are pretty awesome. Women who grind daily, kicking butt and taking names.  Women who are so amazing, we sometimes forget just how amazing we are.  

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However, But, In Addition Too. 

We are also women who are facing life’s ever evolving challenges.  Challenges that are sometimes easy peasy, but other times, they are hard, demanding, disappointing, and on occasion, damn near impossible. Challenges that have us considering grabbing our passport so that we can purchase a single, one-way to ticket to anywhere, but here. Yet, In Spite of All of That, We Don’t Quit. With Weathered Hands and Beaten Knuckles, We Hang On.  After the tears, fears, and frustration subside, we somehow manage to keep it moving. We face our obstacles with grit and determination. We leap over hurdles, sometimes stumbling, even falling, but we always get back up.  We pull our super hero capes from the bottom and the back of our closets.  We shake the dust off, sling them around our shoulders, snap the collar, hold our heads up, wipe a tear or two away, take a deep breath, and up, up, and away we go.  We might get scraped and bruised during take-off and turbulence may even rattle us, but as Maya Angelo said, “Still We Rise”.  

Challenges Are Our Stepping Stones, Not Our Retaining Walls.

And for our No Ma’amers that can’t seem to find their cape.  We encourage you to keep looking. Your cape has not disappeared.  It’s still there.  It may be pushed to the side or tightly tucked under a pile of stuff.  Stuff like bills, divorce, deaths, poor health, ailing parents, and other disappointments.  Hell, you may not even recognize your cape anymore.  It’s so worn and tattered, that it's no longer familiar, but look closer.  And if your pile seems too high, don’t be discouraged, ask for help.  Sometimes, one set of hands won’t do.  Your family, friends, therapist, and/or spiritual advisors are there to dig with you.  Just know and believe, that you too have a cape and it’s still there.  

I Wear a Dusty Cape, But, I Don't  

Carry a

Magic Wand.

My journey is riddled with more bumps and lumps than I’d like to mention.  I make mistakes and sometimes I’m just wrong.  So, folks don’t be surprised when “it” happens, cause it’s gonna happen. I’ll make mistakes.  I’m human.  I do promise to provide you with beneficial and useful information.  I promise to stay true to myself and to you.  I promise to make No Ma'am and all that comes with it, engaging, educational, useful, and as fun as I can.

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Through our FB Lives, free content, seminars, our paid online training, brunches, retreats our other useful resources, we are here to ride with you.  We will explore a variety of topics and feature experts in areas of caring for aging parents, managing finances, how to launch your own business, insurance, dating, health and wellness, starting over, and much, much more.   

We’re in Business and Yes, We Sell Stuff.  We Gotta Eat Too!